Cookie BrigadeWhat is the Cookie Brigade?

What started in 2007 as two people randomly handing out cookies to people waiting in lines at the Penny Arcade Expo has become a unstoppable force for good! Brigadiers bake cookies and other tasty treats and give them out for free, while handing out tasty treats the Brigadiers accept donations to Child’s Play.

Since 2007 we’ve raised more than $215,890 for Child’s Play.


PAX Prime - Aug 28-31


PAX Prime

Thanks to some help from Media Molecule, PAX Prime raised over $27,500 for Child’s Play. It’s never too early to start planning for our return in 2015!

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PAX Aus - Oct 30 - Nov 1



Those blokes Down Under helped us raise over $22,000 for Child’s Play! Let’s do it again in 2015.

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PAX South - Jan 23-25


PAX South

We had a stunning first year, bringing in $10,000! We look forward to doing it again next year.

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PAX East -March 6-8


PAX East Logo

PAX East 2015 brought in over $21,500 for Child’s Play. Organizing for 2016 will start soon. Do you want to help in our next assault on Boston?

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  • kstomps"Guy who gave me $50 in Arachnid: Did that bill have onion on it b/c my eyes just started leaking."
  • menolly07PAX, The only place I know where a free cookie inspires a $20.00 donation. @Mennolly07
  • cavecibum"I love being a distributor for #cookiebrigade. It makes me believe that people are good."
  • katespace"Help me, Cookie Brigade, you're my only hope. (Bring gluten free)"