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Title: How did you select your pizza oven..??
Post by: Denny on March 09, 2018, 08:06:10 AM
Most of the people must have an oven in their home.  So, what are the major factors that you consider while selecting both commercial ovens and one for your homes?
The factors that I considered while selecting my commercial pizza oven for my pizza places were:
Location: Where I was going to install it in the kitchen. Also, make sure that the location is sturdy enough to support the unit.
Controls: Since, mine was a commercial electric pizza oven came with digital controls and functions.
Capacity: I looked for the size of the container- amount of food it can hold. The size that you need to consider when buying a new oven is the interior size.
These are some of the basic things, I looked before choosing my commercial electric pizza oven. What are factors you kept in mind before choosing yours.??