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PAX West is 5 days away! Today's featured cookies are delicious Cranberry Island Cookies

PAX West is 5 days away. Today’s featured cookies are Cranberry Island Cookies (formerly known as Orange Creamsicle with Craisins). Quantities of all cookies are limited so you’ll have to find a brigadier fast or reach out to us on twitter if you want a chance to try one of the delicious cookies from the countdown. If you miss them at PAX you’ll find the recipes here or on our forum! We’re always looking for new volunteers to help us distribute these delicious cookies! If you are attending PAX West 2019 and want to help raise money for Child’s Play, its not too late to join us on our forums!

A little history on these cookies: I discovered Orange Creamsicle Cookies from the Girl Who Ate Everything a few years back and at some point I decided to try making them with craisins and I haven’t gone back since. I first started baking for PAX West in 2016 and I realized that not everyone wants craisins in their cookies, so I sent up both varieties (Orange Creamsicle and Orange Creamsicle with Craisins).

I know that craisins are not part of a  classical creamsicle, so this year I’ve decided to rename these cookies Cranberry Island Cookies. You may recognize the name from a Fallout 4 DLC. I wish I could say I played Fallout 4, but my husband does!

These are one of my favorite cookies to eat and I hope you’ll give them a chance with Craisins! If you aren’t feeling adventurous… don’t worry I’ll still send up some classic Orange Creamsicle cookies. Do me a favor though: let me know which version is your favorite!


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