Cookie Brigade Events

PAX South

Penny Arcade Expo – South

When: 27-29 January 2017

Where: San Antonio, Texas

PAX has a new home in the US, and it’s in the south!

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PAX East Logo

Penny Arcade Expo –  East

When: Coming Soon!

Where: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Easter arrives and brings not just the Easter bunny but also the Cookie Brigadiers as they descend on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for PAX East.

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PAX Prime

Penny Arcade Expo – Prime

When: 2-5 Septembner 2016

Where: Seattle, Washington, USA

Labor day weekend arrives and the gamers converge on downtown Seattle to participate in a gigantic gaming party centered on the Washington State Convention Center.

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Penny Arcade Expo –  Australia

When: 4-6 November 2016

Where: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

PAX has finally ventured forth into the world and will land in Melbourne Australia for the first ever PAX Aus!

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