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Penny Arcade Expo Aus – Melbourne, Victoria Australia

PAX has finally ventured forth into the world and has landed Melbourne Australia! The Aussies were up to the task the first year raising over $5,000 for Child’s Play and totally smashed that with over $22,000 in 2014!


The first ever venture for the Cookie Brigade outside of the the United States, PAX Aus has proven its up to the task and bakers united to raise money for Child’s Play.

Fundraising History

$80,934 since 2013


    • Fitz

      Lead Coordinator

      fitzHe’s Ezio! No, he’s Sub-Zero! No, he’s an Enforcer! Wait, he’s a Cookie Brigadier? At PAX Aus 2014, he was all of the above! He’s Fitz, and boy does he have some pins to sell you. FOR ALL YOUR MONIES. In addition to being great at getting people to part with their hard earned cash, Fitz is a pro fundraising and cookie baking machine. He’s pretty great at organizing the Brigade down under too!

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    Become a part of our community and help us raise money for amazing causes.

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    Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
    1 Convention Centre Place
    South Wharf, VIC 3006