Penny Arcade Expo – Seattle, Washington

PAX Prime

Labor day weekend arrives and gamers converge on downtown Seattle to participate in a gigantic gaming party centered on the Washington State Convention Center.


The Cookie Brigade has been there since our inception in 2007, giving out tasty treats to attendees and raising money for Child’s Play. From your standard chocolate chip to rice crispy treats of improbability, the Cookie Brigade has been there upping the mana reserves of geeks and nerds alike. If you’re interested in joining us, register on our forums and be sure to fill out the application. For all existing brigadiers join us for PAX Prime 2015 by joining our organizing group!

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Attending PAX Prime 2015? Enjoy baking? Want to meet awesome people and give away tasty free cookies while raising money for Child’s Play? Register on our forums and apply to join the brigade.

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  • Punzie

    Lead Coordinator

    punzieblueThe crafty extraordinaire behind Rapunzel’s Tower on Etsy, Punzie is a well known fixture of the PAX community. Best known all across the US, and now Australia, for her amazing Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies (yes, a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with an oreo), Punzie is the go to resource for bakers. She’s also a great resource for knowing what is going on in the PAX community and has a knack for promotion.

  • Paul Ference

    Lead Coordinator

    high charity logoBetter known as the mastermind behind the High Charity marathon which raises money for Child’s Play while playing through games in the Halo franchise, Paul has taken over as the Lead Coordinator for PAX Prime. We’re just going to call him mom though, as he has a knack for ensuring all of the brigadiers who come through HQ are hydrated and loaded up with vitamin C. Did I also mention he makes insanely delicious cookies?

Fundraising Totals

$115,100+ Since 2008

– $5,400+

– $5,000+

– $7,900+

– $14,000+

– $13,000+

– $22,300+

– $27,500+

– $20,000+


Washington State Convention Center800 Convention Pl.Seattle, WA 9810P: (206) 694-5030 

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