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About the Brigade

  • Is the Cookie Brigade a 501(c)(3) entity?

    No. Donations made directly to fund our activities are not currently tax deductible. Our EIN is 81-2059580.

    If you have made an online donation using the Child’s Play widget on our website or made a donations at an event your donation was made to the Child’s Play charity which is a registered 501(c)3 organization. The Child’s Play EIN is 20-3584556 and additional information can be found on their website.


  • How do I know you’re not trying to poison me?

    Wait, you mean you don’t want the cookie that gives +2 charisma but causes a measly 3 rads? Darn. But seriously, no we’re not trying to poison you and we provide guidelines to our volunteer bakers for properly wrapping their food. With that said the donated items we give out are not from a commercial bakery, so if you have serious allergies or concerns you can forgo the treat. We’re like a large mobile bake sale, only its free.

  • Are you sponsored or managed by Child’s Play or Penny Arcade?

    No we are a wholly separate organization. We have no official affiliation with Child’s Play or Penny Arcade other then to pass on the money donated through us.

  • How did the brigade get its start?

    Back in 2007 two PAX attendees decided to bring tasty cookies with them to give out to other attendees. As they were handing out cookies people insisted on giving them money for the delicious cookie. Those two first brigadiers decided to give that money to Child’s Play and the cookie brigade was born.

  • I received this awesome cookie at PAX! I really want to know who made it or the recipe! Can you give me that information?

    We might be able to but we suggest checking out our forum and the recipe section and posting to ask. Our volunteer bakers are almost always happy to share their recipes and they certainly appreciate the praise.

  • So if you give 100% of the donated money to Child’s Play how come I’ve seen other fundraisers to raise money for Brigade activities?

    100% of all money brought in during our main event fundraisers goes back to charity. But it can be pretty costly to give out cookies five times a year and on two continents so occasionally we will run mini fundraisers or offer items for sale to help fund our activities. These funds allow us to help support our volunteers in their fundraising efforts and to purchase necessary equipment to do so.


  • Does the brigade attend or participate in other events?

    The brigade has been involved with Desert Bus in the past and we’re definitely open to participating at other events! If you have an idea for another event we can attend please join us on our forums to discuss your idea!

  • So the cookies are free?


  • What exactly does the Cookie Brigade do?

    We have volunteers that make delicious treats, cookies, candy, you name it, and we then give those items out for free. While we’re handing out tasty treats we also take donations for Child’s Play. 100% of the money we collect goes directly to the Child’s Play charity to buy gaming equipment, games, movies and other items for children in hospitals.


  • What exactly does volunteering entail? Will I need to agree to a shift? Do I need tickets to attend the event? Is any of this tax deductible?

    Volunteers can either bake and provide tasty items for us to give out, distribute tasty items at an event, or both. We also have organizer roles for people who are able to volunteer more time to keeping the brigade running. In general if you are just baking you won’t need to purchase a ticket and you won’t be required to attend the event, you will need to ship the items to the event or arrange to drop them off. If you plan to distribute or help with organizing its likely you will require a ticket to the event. As far as schedules go distributors are not scheduled and you are free to donate as many hours of your time at the event as you please. For organizers time will be scheduled and you can let us know how much time you can donate.

    For taxes and advice on what may be deductible please speak to your tax adviser for guidance.

  • Okay I submitted my application, now what?

    First off, yay! Applications take 24-72 hours, the organizers will look over it and if they need clarification they’ll send you a PM. If it takes longer then 24-72 hours then feel free to post in our general chat area. Our organizers/admins are all volunteers and occasionally real life (pesky jobs) gets ahold of them. A gentle reminder helps a lot!

  • Joining seems easy, why exactly do I need to apply? Why can’t I just show up and participate?

    Applications allow us to know who is volunteering for us. Volunteering with the Cookie Brigade means you will likely be dealing with food or donations and as such we like to know who you are. This is also done for security reasons as we keep our planning and organizing secret, this is primarily for the safety of our organizers and others attending the events we are fundraising at.

    It helps if you are already active on our forums or with other charity groups before you apply but its not necessary. Any and all information provided to us will be kept in confidence.

  • Alright I’m sold! How do I volunteer and get involved?

    The first step is to register on our forums, registration is free and open to all. Once you’re registered and your account has been activated you’ll want to fill out the application to become a brigadier.