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Updates for PAX East 2019

What do we have in store this PAX?

The first thing we have to share is that we will not have homemade cookies at PAX East 2019. We will still have delicious treats at PAX, but in order to comply with all regulations, we needed to purchase cookies this year. The plan is for this to be a one-time anomaly with us returning to homemade goods next year and at all other events. This will require a lot of changes for our bakers and we needed some time to fully implement it. We’re looking forward to this new phase and the opportunities it will provide.

The good news is that we should be more visible during PAX. We tried to reign in our distributors’ excitement while giving out cookies in the past, but now our brigadiers can be out in the open and shout, dance, and wave signs as they wish.

Finally, let us introduce you to our brand new Cookie Quest. Not only does this sheet list all the varieties of cookies that we’ll offer this PAX, but it can help you win prizes! All you need to do is find a Cookie Brigade distributor, ask them one of the questions on the sheet, and turn in your quest for a chance at a prize. The more questions you get answered, the better the prize you can win (there’s 3 prize tiers). We’ll draw winners everyday after the Expo Hall closes at 6:00pm. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s winners can pick up their prizes in person. Sunday’s winners will get their prizes shipped to them.

More information will be communicated via Twitter. Follow us at @cookie_brigade for ongoing updates. Looking forward to an awesome PAX East 2019!

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  1. Thomas Gagnon March 26, 2019 Reply

    Dang, this must have been a tough decision. Thank you all for your openness and the amazing work that you do—selflessly—year after year! Can’t wait to see you all at PAX East 2019!

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